Personal Training

There are two huge roadblocks sitting in front of you on your quest to get healthier and fitter.

The first is your gap in knowledge. What exactly should you be doing when you come to the gym? What exercises are most beneficial in helping you reach your fitness goals? Should you be going for maximum reps or maximum weight when trying to build muscle?

All of these questions are important and valid when it comes to working out. You can frantically Google, but how will you know what's credible and accurate?

The second thing standing in your way is inconsistency. It can be hard to continue holding yourself accountable on a daily and weekly basis, especially when you're starting a new routine. You lead a busy life — we know! Things come up, kids get sick and your schedule is more fluid during some weeks than others. It's understandable!

Luckily, there are solutions! Starting a personal training regimen at iThinkFit helps directly address both key roadblocks we mentioned above.

Our personal trainers are educated and certified in their areas of expertise: athletics, fat-burning, high-intensity interval training, weightlifting and much more. A trainer will meet with you personally before you sign anything – he or she will ask you about your life, your goals and help come up with a plan to get (and keep) you in shape.

You'll never be treated as just another appointment as you may be at some other gyms. The personalized attention you get from iThinkFit's personal trainers will keep you accountable and get you looking forward to your workouts!

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