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Heath is the owner of iThinkFit and a trainer extraordinaire! More coming soon...


Blake Johnson

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Blake received his Bachelors of Science in Exercise from Truman State University in 2017. He also received an Exercise Physiologist certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.


He got into baseball and gymnastics at a young age — one bored him to death, and he grew about a foot too tall for the other. He's been lifting for the past decade, initially to improve sports performance, but also out of a love for training. He played football at the collegiate level (despite not playing until high school) and continues to pursue athletics through mixed martial arts and powerlifting.


He has experience working with athletes, children, the elderly and people with physical impairments. He has been a personal trainer and camp leader for the last year and a half at iThinkFit. He is also aware he has a not-so-happy looking face when he's relaxed — please don't hold it against him, we promise he isn't angry...


Kipp Alesch

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Kipp grew up in Remsen, Iowa, with two younger sisters and an older brother, who also works at iThinkFit!


He played high school football for Remsen-Union, where he earned First Team All-State, All-District and District Defensive MVP honors at inside linebacker. He then played college football at Iowa Western. As an undergraduate, he completed his first two years in the Athletic Training Program at IW. After completion, he rolled his credits over and received a degree in Health & Human Performance. He furthered his education by becoming a Clarkson College graduate, receiving a degree in Physical Therapy (PTA).

Kipp has experience working in many settings: outdoors on the football field, in hospitals and out-patient facilities, and, currently, the iThinkFit gym. He has worked with athletes, kids, and adults along the way, including many patients with medical disabilities.


Evan Lindburg

Having competed in Classic Physique for 5 years and Powerlifting for 4, I definitely have a competitors edge in the gym. My degree and certification round me out for a professional and outstanding fitness experience. I am passionate and determined to help you pursue and achieve your goals. While I am intense with the workouts, I bring a positive energy and a sense of humor as well. Whether you are in my camps, or 1 on 1 training, I'll make sure you have a great fitness experience. 

Degrees and Certifications:

      B.S. Physical Education from NWMSU

      ACTION Certified Personal Trainer

Areas of Expertise:

      Building Strength

      Building Lean/Mass Muscle

      Losing Fat

      Competition (Powerlifting & Bodybuilding) 

Mandy Teply

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Mandy has been at iThinkFit for almost six years! In total, she has eight years of training experience in the fitness industry!

She specializes in weight loss, resistance training, pre- and post- natal fitness and nutritional guidance. She earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and received her training certification through the National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF).


Outside of the gym, she enjoys cooking and being active with her two children and husband.


Miranda Huesgen

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Miranda has been involved in athletics and fitness since a very young age. She grew up in a family that struggled with health conditions, which led to a passion for helping others find balance. After moving from St. Louis to Omaha, she became a NASM-certified personal trainer after graduating high school.


Her main goal is to help others focus more on the type of weight they are gaining or losing, not just the number — which can be discouraging. One day at a time, she can help you discover the foods and training you enjoy to reach goals sustainably!


Elwood T. Grant III

Having served in the Marine Corps for 21 years, I use professionalism and discipline with how I approach every client in their fitness journey. I listen to you and reaffirm that I understand what you are looking for from me as your Fitness Trainer. I am passionate to see the best in everyone that I train or coach, helping them to improve their health, wellness and quality of life. I promise to deliver high-energy and excitement whether you are in any of my camps or a 1 on 1 personal training session. 

Degrees and Certifications: 

      AS in Exercise Science

      CPR | AED | First Aid 

Areas of Expertise:

      Strength and Conditioning Training

      Lean Muscle Building

      Weight Loss

      High Intensity Interval and Tactical Training 


Bailee Pili

Coming soon...

All photos by Cat DeBuse


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