As you can see from the photos below, our gym members put in the work and see amazing results. In addition to normal class/camp memberships and personal training, iThinkFit's body transformation contests help give participants the motivation they crave!

The vast majority of our members lose fat and gain muscle. We utilize consistent, reliable diet and exercise routines — they won't leave you with less muscle than you started with just to drop some pounds. We believe there's much more to achieving results than just the number on the scale!

All members have access to regular body composition tests on our InBody machine. This allows you to see exactly where fat and muscle build up in your body, while helping us zone in on ways to help you meet your specific goals.

Toning muscle groups, dropping fat, packing on pounds of muscle or maintaining the body you have now — iThinkFit can do it all! Stop in for a consultation and get started!