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Navigating the Holiday Season

Holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends, but they can definitely feel overwhelming with family gatherings, holiday parties and all the food. And if you’re trying to stay on track throughout the holiday season, it can feel even more tricky to navigate than usual.

So how do we enjoy ourselves without feeling like we’ve gained 20 pounds? Read on for our Top 5 Tips for navigating the holidays.

1. Don’t skip meals. It can be tempting to “save” all our calories for the big meal we have planned, but this can actually lead to overeating. Prioritize protein and veggies leading up to your big meal so that you aren’t starving when it comes time to eat!

2. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help keep you full and counteract alcohol consumption.

3. Move your body! Sneak in some exercise, even if it’s a 20-minute walk.

4. Be selective with your foods. You don’t have to eat everything that was prepared. Skip the things you don’t like and focus on what you do or on things that you only get to enjoy at the holidays.

5. Relax and enjoy the time with family and friends! Remember, one meal won’t make or break you. And if you do overindulge, get back on track the next day.

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