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About Heath Murray, the Founder of iThinkFit Gym

Heath Murray is the owner and CEO of iThinkFit Gym, located at 2424 S. 156th Circle in Omaha, Nebraska.

Heath grew up in a small town. He played many sports growing up, including football, basketball, track, and baseball.

His education took him to Midland College in Fremont, Nebraska, where he obtained a degree in Fitness and Sport Management, plus a minor in Coaching and Business.

He took an internship at Going Vertical in 2001. Some time later, the owner reached out and offered him an opportunity to start the business within the facility.

Heath spent time building relationships with athletes on the floor, exchanging fitness and nutrition tips to take them to the next level.


He built up a reputation in the facility for years.

By 2008, he was ready to relocate to West Omaha to construct a 15,000 sq. ft. facility.

The facility has come a long way since it's beginning.

Naturally an Includer, Heath brings his community members together through contest and events.


If you attend a class, you will notice that many clients who attend have been there for years.


Over the years, Heath has trained professional athletes, pro figure and models, dance teams, pageant contestants, youth sport teams, and hundreds of loyal one-on-one, small group, team, and class-based clients.

Today, iThinkFit employs a team of educated professionals, dedicated to fight the aging process, meet clients' health and fitness goals, and to increase athletic performance.

iThinkFit also offers meal and workout planning, in addition to meal programs and supplements for sale.


If you're ready to make serious changes in your body composition, and take your fitness to an extreme level, get in touch with iThinkFit Gym today.

Phone: (402) 333-4348

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