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iThinkFit. Do you?

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We are a fitness team in Omaha, Nebraska, made of training professionals who fight the aging process, meet clients' health and fitness goals, and increase athletic performance.


The iThinkFit community  motivates, educates, and empowers fitness enthusiasts to live their healthiest lives.


Our mission is to educate and empower our clients to achieve their fitness goals through efficient exercise technique, proper nutrition, supplementation, and accountable situations.

Group Classes

We design classes around calculated functional movements, including HIIT cardio fit camps (fast-paced, functional fat-burning workouts) and Olympius camps (weight-training class working designated muscle groups).

Personal Training

Our team of professionals provide one-on-one consultations to meet your fitness needs.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

We offer personal training, team training, group training, and youth training services.

Cupping & Scraping

We provide healing therapies to reverse side effects of soft tissue damage, such as pain, lack of mobility, and blood flow.

Mobility & Stretching

We provide muscle shortening and lengthening services to enhance your connection and range of motion of specific muscles and movements.

Nutrition Planning

We offer a healthy, flexible eating plan that provides your body with the nutrients your body needs, while eating the foods you want

We envision a community of likeminded fitness enthusiasts and athletes, served so well through wellness-based programs, that it grows across the nation.

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iThinkFit gym is my happy place. I can be in a bad mood when I walk in the door and I'm immediately greeted by a smile and a hug. I've been coming here for close to twelve years and I can honestly say that everyone here is my family! This is the place to change your life, get healthy and fit and meet amazing people. The encouragement and caring I receive each and everyday is unique.

Betsy B.

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(402) 333-4348



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2424 S. 156th Cir. Omaha, NE 68130


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