Our mission is to educate and empower our clients to achieve their fitness goals through efficient exercise technique and proper nutrition.


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We create workouts that are specifically designed to fit your needs and goals, whether you're looking to lose weight, build lean muscle mass, or both. 

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nutrition planning

Not a healthy eating expert? Our specialized diet plans are created with results in mind. We cover things like total calorie counts, macros, food choices and substitutes.

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virtual memberships

Can't make it into the gym? No worries! We have virtual live workouts available for you to do in your own home. We make sure to use equipment that anyone can find at home and do a mix between muscle building and cardio exercises. These workouts are available for you to take at your own connivence. 

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Group workouts are motivational tools! Sign up for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), fast-paced lunch hour guidance, or bodybuilder training.

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athletic training

We provide specialized training for players and teams in most sports. Let us help give you that extra edge on the field or the court!

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spray tanning

Part of feeling great is looking great! If you plan to enter a fitness competition or just want a nice bronzing for swimsuit season, we can help.






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Betsy Belmont

"iThinkFit gym is my happy place. I can be in a bad mood when I walk in the door and I’m immediately greeted by a smile and a hug. I’ve been coming here for close to twelve years and I can honestly say that everyone here is my family! This is the place to change your life, get healthy and fit and meet amazing people.The encouragement and caring I receive each and everyday is uniquely iThinkfit Gym!"

Jason Seitz 

"iThinkFit has helped to change my life. From day one I have been proud, supported and challenged to push my limits. It is a great team that will know your name, encourage you and make it a fun place to want to be." 

Nancy Kirkpatrick 

“It was 2015, 54 years old when I first stepped into the gym at iThinkFit. At that time thinking that I was in pretty good shape, I weighed in at 147lbs and 31% body fat, my height is 5’7. I was pretty active, loved country dancing and golfing...so that’s cardio right? Handled my quarter horse, 1300 lb animal that is strength training right? I am in good shape... NOPE!iThinkFit is the best gym and it’s all because of the trainers, the trainers are who helped me get to where I am today, 118lbs and 10% body fat now 60 years young feeling like a 30 year old!The trainers taught me how important it is to eat healthy, and what cardio and strength training is all about. Anyone can go to a gym, and once they get there they think “hmmm what should I do today?” At iThinkFit the trainers set and run the camps everyday. They do the thinking and you do the work, which I love!The trainers are constantly there to help guide you through each camp making sure you have proper form and encouraging you to do your best no matter what age, shape or size you are!At iThinkFit you make friends with members who become your family who also encourage you to do your best. I highly recommend this gym to anyone that wants to make healthy changes in their life...you only get 1 life to live so make it a healthy one with iThinkFit the gym.I feel amazing, the best I have ever felt in my life! Just ask me, I will be happy to talk with you!”

Candace Chedester

Highly recommend this place! Great atmosphere with a great group of trainers, they want to see you succeed your fitness goals and are always doing whatever that takes to help. I've always gotten the best results when I go here! 

Marcos San Martin

"Low-hype, but motivating, 'wear what you want' and 'accepting of everyone' atmosphere. No 'sales' people - just facts, encouragement, programs that work and dedicated support from staff day after day."

Kelsy Harris

Between the trainers and the owners, this is the most fun team to workout with! I have had a whole mental change by coming to this gym. I LOVE going... by far the best workouts I've ever pushed myself through!"

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